Delicious was a Delicious read indeed!

Delicious - Sherry Thomas

This is my fourth book by Sherry Thomas and I must say this is my favorite of hers. After reading some of her books I now understand her pattern, her heroines are strong, independent and daring and their story always deals with the past. What I like most about her books are. 1) Her writing which is rich with high on words and 2) Her characters and the story set up which are usually quite different and modern when compared to other historical romance.
Delicious was different as well. This story had two love stories , one is Verity and Stuarts and the other is Lizzy and Will’s. I loved both the stories. In fact I really liked all the characters.
Verity is quite a bold and scandalous heroin who is a professional cook and whatever she prepares is awfully delicious, as soon as Stuart our hero tastes her dishes he feels a strange connection towards her. Does that connection got to do with his past? he doesn’t know, not yet.
Lizzy on the other hand is engaged to be married to Stuart and her marriage preparation is taken care by the handsomest man Will, who is Stuart’s personal secretary and whom Lizzy hates but she hardly knows what Will feel about her!
On the whole I loved this book it was entertaining enough to keep me hooked till the end .