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Shashi Deshpande: Collected Stories, Volume 1 - Shashi Deshpande

I had no idea Shashi Deshpande’s first attempt as a writer was her short stories for magazines and newspapers that are now collected and published in 2 Volumes, but as soon as I got to know I bought these books immediately.
I am unsure as to how to review a book on short stories that too when it is something which I don’t usually enjoy reading much but still did because it was written by one of my favorite author.
These collections of stories have a variation in narration from first person to third. These stories are predominantly about women's of all kind from liberated to traditional, from queen of ancient times to a housekeeper, from a working woman to a homemaker to, wife, mother, daughter, these story juggles between darker/ emotional /brighter side of their lives.
However, while some stories made me think others left me unsettled. While I wanted to take a deeper dive in some stories, wanted to know more about those characters whereas I could not quite grasp the inner meaning of others. But the best part was the writing, which was, deep, insightful, and rational to the core something which I admire the most about this author