This book is not a love story!!

Wuthering Heights - Richard J. Dunn, Emily Brontë

This book is about obsession, resentment, and revenge but definitely not about love that’s for sure. I never once felt as if I were reading a great love story. Never! I would say it’s about two insufferable people and their childish obsession that is all. 

For me the major letdown was the narration. Narrated by housekeeper - Ellen this sounded like a half said story because the narration is only about what Ellen sees as a spectator and what she thinks about Heathcliff or Cathy or any other character for that matter but not about how they actually feel. Well, the story was quite misleading if you take it in that way. Apart from this the narration fluctuates between Lockwood and Ellen, which again is a bit confusing.
About the characters the less said the better. (Keeping aside our narrator Ellen because i don’t know what to make of her) Apart from Cathy 2 I didn’t find any of them tolerable, they were all either immature or irrational creatures. 

The only thing for which I gave .5 extra star was for the ending for 2 reasons 1) Death of Heathcliff huh! finally, and 2) A positive hope on Cathy 2 and Hareton’s relation.

As I observed unlike other classics I found this book a bit fast paced. May be because of the narrative style, which was quite different, direct, and to the point without much description. On the whole it was definitely readable as I never once felt like closing the book out of boredom.