Simple, sweet, feel good- read. Tailor-made indeed! 

A Tailor-Made Bride - Karen Witemeyer

Hannah is a dress maker, who believes God has given her this talent so that she could bring smile on people’s face by making beautiful dresses for them. Her ultimate goal was to own a shop of her own. 

Whereas J.T (Jericho Tucker) who also is a strong believer in God has very negative opinion on the artificial things which lure human beings for which they become greedy for example… a beautiful dress?!? According to him cloths are a basic necessity to cover body and nothing else. 

While Hannah is right in her thinking so is J.T. But when these two opposite viewed people cross their path that’s when this story takes a new turn and become a sweet, feel good book. 

I so wanted to give this book 4 stars but could not, just because it was a bit drag towards the end which was really not necessary. Hence with a heavy heart I am giving it a 3.5.(