Mesmerizing read!!

The Shadow of the Wind - Lucia Graves, Carlos Ruiz Zafón

After completing ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ the first thing that I felt was as though I have just finished the longest journey of my life. The journey no doubt was enthralling, spellbinding and mesmerizing throughout.
What does one ask for in a good novel? A great story, excellent narration, unforgettable characters and a perfect ending, well this novel had it all that too in abundance!!
The story was flawless though there were lots of parallel and sub plots but the blending of those parts with the main story was done skillfully. The connection, which is revealed between Julián and Daniel story, was the best.

About the writing I don’t have words to describe how good it was. All I can say is with his exceptional writing author just sweeps us into his world. Whether we want it or not we become a part of his story because his writing is that influential at least for me it was. We tend to sympathize with each character whether small are big, one of the other reason for that is, all characters are given equal share of importance and carry an important story with them unfolding the mystery. For me the last part of Nuria's letter (view spoiler)[where she reveals how actually Julián was following Daniel gave me Goosebumps I never expected that coming and finally when she appeals Daniel not to forget her (hide spoiler)] that part brought tears to my eyes.

The ending may seem a bit stereotypical for some but it was the best part of the story for me. These kinds of stories always tend to end either gloomily or abruptly at least that’s what I had expected from this book but THANK GOD the ending was just perfect. I really can’t digest two tragic endings in one single book and I didn’t have to! :P The story came to a full circle with such a neat ending. And I Just loved this book!