Slow but not steady...

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman

The much acclaimed Rebecca did not impress me at all. I think my expectation from this book were really high which led me to just ‘like it’ after reading, not ‘really like it’! 

The story told by nameless narrator (though she had a very interesting name as told by Maxim but sad we never came across) was not catchy at all. It was dull, depressing and melancholic which didn’t hold my interest at times. I really don’t mind reading detailed description but this is supposed to be mystery right?? But the narrator was going on and on about herself and not letting the story to progress at all. 
Also, there were neither any interesting characters nor they were any likable. Firstly, the nameless narrator was overly self-pitying and Maxim was aloof and deadpan, Rebecca and Mrs. Danvers were eccentrics! 

But the thing which made me complete this book was the mysterious part towards the end and of course the prose.