Not Good!

The Secret Wish List - Preeti Shenoy

This was quick read but not something good though. Firstly the story had no depth in it and was totally unrealistic. Secondly, all characters were unappealing, especially the main protagonist Diksha. Story from her point of view was the main draw back. I was unable to connect to her. She seemed rather immature for her age. Even though she was 35 and had a 9 year old son, but her approach towards life was as childish as she was at 16. 
I could not understand, how her ‘somewhat insensitive’ husband in the beginning suddenly became ‘offensive and disgusting’ towards the end? Which was not convincing at all. And also what was she doing in her 15 years of marriage not opening her mouth once to his insensitivity.. why was she silent all the time? If at all she had talked it over with him may be she could have saved her marriage or was she wishing it to fall apart (secretly ?) so that she could find her childhood sweetheart and complete her secret wish list? Well, that’s how confusing the story seemed to me. I really could not make anything good out of it. I purchased this book after reading Preethi Shenoy’s Tea for two and a piece of cake which was way way better than this one for sure.