A powerful play by Shaw

Mrs. Warren's Profession - George Bernard Shaw
Yet again a powerful play by Shaw wherein he makes an attempt to contradict the society’s norms and people’s hypocrisy towards it . 
In ‘Mrs. Warren’s Profession’ Shaw shows how a mother’s profession turns a daughter’s life upside down. 
Vivie (the daughter) is a highly educated woman, who wants to lead her life independently according to her own terms. She strongly believes in simple living and high thinking where as her mother Mrs Warren wants Vivie to flaunt her beauty and get herself a husband. 
But as soon as Vivie rejects to marry one of her mother’s business partner grudgingly he reveals her mother true profession. Vivie becomes furious and questions her mothers’ choice of profession. Mrs Warren gives her own reasons and the circumstances, which were responsible for it. Vivie, obliges her mothers reasoning, but as soon as she comes to know her mother is still running the business even though they have enough money for themselves and also is responsible for destroying the life of so many girls she decides to disown her own mother though her mother claims that, till now what ever luxury Vivie had it was all from her mother’s profession.


Surly there arises a lot of question while reading this play. But whether to support Vivie’s decision or to sympathise with Mrs Warren who had lots of hope from her one and only daughter is left to us readers.