Double Standards

Double Standards - Judith McNaught Oh my god what can I say about this book ! It is one of those books which I can never get bored with! I really never thought reading would be this much fun and entertaining.Having known no other author apart from Jane Austen I had no idea about Judith Mcnaught books or her writing. This was my first contemporary romance novel and what a great book to start with I was mesmerized. I must say I got obsessed with this book for weeks… months I guess. I just love everything about this book from characters to story. Nick and Lauren will be my all time fav romantic couple. I loved the possessiveness of Nick towards Lauren which came to him unknowingly. He will be my favorite novel hero after Darcy! About the writing part I just don’t have words to describe, the way Judith has written, the emotions the intensity just came alive with each characters. She is a genius when it comes to writing about human emotions! Can’t believe this book was written before even I was born! From this novel she became my favorite author. I got so obsessed that I went and purchased a paper back so that I can read when ever I want! (I have already read this book twice)! There is song a called "sex on fire by kings of leon" when ever I listen to that I just close my eyes and this whole novel plays in my mind.