Kiss an Angel

Kiss an Angel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Anna Fields After reading some of her amazing books from ‘The Chicago series’ I had a very high expectation from this book (considering the rating on GR) but this book did not meet my expectation. No doubt Susan is my favorite author and I love the way she writes and describes each of the character and the growth in them giving same importance to both main plot and sub-plot not forget some of the animals characterization too!!
But the problem with this book was the story.. it was predictable and lame. I had expected the female protagonist to be (at least a bit) strong, but that was not the case with Daisy she was very sweet, sober and a cry baby and I did not like it.. although the connection she felt for the animals was kinda sweet. About male protagonist Alex he was way too stubborn, cold with no sense of humor. And this circus thing was too much for me.

Anyways this book is not going to stop me from reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips’s other books!!