I've Got Your Number

I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella I don't know, is it something wrong with me or is Sophie Kinsella's story becoming more and more cliché for my liking, because through-out this book I didn't feel a thing for any of the characters. Neither I could relate to any of them nor they felt any relatable.
There were no “LOL” moment for me which I look forward to in SK's book the most.
The protagonist - Poppy was a horrible character according to me, to start with, which educated and cultured women takes or rather steals a phone which somebody has thrown in a dustbin and also never gives it back even though the owner asks for it? And what kind of a owner (Sam Roxton) lets his company phone with an anonymous women who can read his private messages, for god sake?? Also I found the whole story far from convincing, I felt as if just to make Poppy end up with Sam in the end SK turned Mangus whom Poppy is engaged to as a cheater just like that.
All I wanted to do was get over with this book ASAP and move on, which I did!! Never thought I would dislike a Sophie Kinsella book!!