Excellent Women

Excellent Women - Barbara Pym ‘Excellent women’ by Barbara Pym was something fresh, I really enjoyed reading this sweet-satirical novel with crisp and clear writing. The story is about everyday-life of Mildred Lathbury (protagonist and narrator) a 30 year old spinster.
As the title suggests she is an “Excellent Women” that is to say that.. she is single, too good, too friendly, too obliging, also she is one of those who will never even think of hurting someone. Indulging herself in others problems like her own, feeling guilty for others mistake is her favorite pastime apart from going to church of course! And if at all casually she ever jokes or laughs like a normal person does, immediately she would feel ashamed of herself because she thinks she is laughing on others expense!!!!!! Obviously, often her kindness and helping nature is misused by people and she is often misjudged by all. But knowing how people takes her for granted certainly annoyed ME while reading but never once it affected her through out!
Really isn’t she one-of-a-kind after all!