Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson I am not much into reading biographies, but I took up this book just because I was tired of seeing this unread hardbound copy on my shelf for about 3 years now (thanks to my husband who purchased it & is also a HUGE HUGE fan of Steve Jobs and Apple products!!!). Now that I have read this book I feel it's worth it. Especially if you are die hard fan of apple products then you should know the passion, the zeal and all the history behind its creation. Its quite intriguing to know a famous person's life inside-out and Steve Job's life was definelty more than interesting, actually it was better than any fiction! Author Walter Isaacson has done a tremendous job in giving the right vision on Job’s both personal and professional life and his behavior towards them (although he never differentiated between these two much) with the right amount of sincerity and openness. Wherein in the end even though one comes to know what kind of a flawed and eccentric person Job really was yet one can never fail to admire him or appreciate him for his passion towards everything in life, which is outstanding!