Frederica - Georgette Heyer It was my first Georgette Heyer book and I really enjoyed reading it. I had no clue that it would turn out to be more like a Jane Austen book! Though it was huge book of around 400 pages I could complete this very soon reason being the story and the way the story was told. I agree there were some dragging parts which can be ignored quite easily considering the witty dialogs, cute secondary characters!
Frederica is a very sweet girl even though she is just 24yrs she thinks herself much older than she really is, as she takes all responsibilities of her siblings after her parents’ death. She only thinks about them and forgets everything about herself.
Hero Marquis of Alverstoke is highly powerful, rich and a total rake, who cares for none apart from himself of course! But everything changes when Frederica enters his life unknowingly he fall for her. And no it is not the usual love at first sight thing it’s a gradual affection which grows with every meet, and the realization of love for each other only occurs at the end, that is what makes this book more loveable!