The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins Honestly... I didn't enjoy this book though it was a page turner! Hmm.. I just could not connect with the protagonist Katniss at any point of the book she was so emotionless and very confused. This being a first-person narration it was only about her, what about who Peeta, Gale and other characters really were? We will never come to know not even in the end and this makes the narration sallow or a half-said story (at least to me). I have read many first-person narration books but I never felt anything like this before. May be I would have enjoyed if the narration was done by a third person this would have given many dimensions to this story and depth to the characters. Even the ending was a bit abrupt I know there is a sequel but still…!!!The only thing which made me finish this book was the story which was bit fast paced (thank god!) with some twists and turns.