The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy - J.K. Rowling Its quite hard to write a review on this book but will try to add as many points as I can, on what I really felt about this book but of course it won’t be about any particular story or character (which may eat-up my whole day)!
First of all, this being my first book by JK Rowling ,I didn’t have any expectation or idea about her writing, which actually turned out to be a plus point . Initially I did find difficult to get on with this, in fact I wanted to give-up on this after 80 odd pages but some how I didn’t , just went on with the flow and then got hooked. The reason being the characters I mean there are so many characters around that its hard to know who is who and understanding each of their characteristics does take time.. at least for me it did. But the way each character has been portrayed and woven in the story that’s just amazing! Almost all the characters in this book as I observed were portrayed ‘GREY’ neither one I could find who was entirely black or white and of course grey charterers’ are what we really are and that is the reality (though people always find it hard to digest ). Even though it was a lengthy book I didn’t feel the drag any where in fact it helped me to understand each character better!
All in all I liked the way the book was written the way the story got blend with each character and the ending was just what it had to be - a suitable one! Anybody who wants to read this book should really give some time to get into it otherwise you’ll end up hating.