Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell This is not a review but just my opinion on this book. First of all GWTW is one of those classic which will remain in my mind forever and as well as the characters especially Rhett and Scarlet! Though it took a long time for me to complete but I must say every time spent on this book was worth. I do agree there were some dragging in the story but somehow it did not lessen my interest towards this book. The way author has described each and every character, their feeling, was just incredible. I loved Scarlet though she was a grey character. I was enchanted by her daring attitude , impulsiveness and her passion and strong will towards life. She knew whenever she was being selfish or when ever she was doing something wrong her guilty conscious always used to prick her in the form of her mother but still she could control it. I pitied her at those times when she did things which she never wanted to do but did it anyway though halfheartedly, but at the same time I could not understand her weakness towards Ashley. He was so soft, timid and weak how can girl like scarlet fall for him and not Rhett?
Another mesmerizing character was Rhett he understood Scarlet so well.. may be more than herself sometimes! He was again daring, passionate as Scarlet but the reason he is more likable than her was that he was not self-centered and his maturity in handling any given situation in correct way!
My favorite part of this book was when Scarlet realized the importance of Melanie, Rhett and Ashley in her lifeā€¦the way she got to know how she had given importance to a wrong person through out her life! If only she would have realized her love for Rhett sometime in the mid not at the end..!!
All in all this book was an emotional journey and I am glad I read it!