Only Love Is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited

Only Love Is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited - Brian L. Weiss ‘Only love is real’ is not merely a love story but a story of ‘LOVE’ itself which is the essence of life that never dies. The story reveals an enchanting journey or a miracle which takes place in Elizabeth and Pedro’s present life which also connects them with their past, told from the point of view of Brian L. Weiss. The concept of “soul mate” which he explains is not just about lovers it something more.. beyond that, something eternal. The experience that he shares with so many patients proves every single time that life is something beyond just leading it. One of the thing which caught my attention was the way he explained.. how a soul enters in to a body and the reason it exists which was just mesmerizing. Likewise there are so many things revealed in this book which just can’t be explained but can only be experienced through reading.

Before reading this book I never believed in reincarnation or rebirth but now I do.. thanks to author Brian L. Weiss, who unfolds each and every part of this concept by giving a meaningful explanation to it with his experience which one cannot simply deny. The concept of soul has been explained in so many books, I don’t deny it, but for me this will be one of those books which made me believe in this concept and will definitely reread it whenever I forget the meaning of life.

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