Wrong Means Right End

Wrong Means Right End - Varsha Dixit Wrong means right end, had a good story line with interesting chapter titles. The protagonist Sneha, she was strong character with high self esteem, but a bit too loud for my liking. Her childish behavior and instability were confusing at times. But the friendship and understanding shown between Nandini and Sneha was enduring. Surely a well written book, I liked the way the author has concentrated on the particulars like not swearing in front of kids rather using different word for each term which was quite funny but at the same time too much of unnecessary details about clothings' and looks which made it a bit too tedious to read at times, I mean I really don’t care what color clothing they are wearing and how do they look each and every time!! And of course you can definitely find a glimpse of “mills and boons” here and there! Overall a lighthearted and one time read!