The White Tiger: A Novel

The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga This book was really perplexing I really don’t know what to make out of it! I felt as if Mr Aravind Adiga doesn't really have a good opinion about India not even ONE good opinion for that matter. According to me being a writer you should think before you put things in to papers. You should give both negative and positive aspects of a person or a place! No doubt he has portrayed the protagonist Balram that way by showing how guilty he was for the things he did or thought. But what about his/our country? Are there no good things left here? I also felt as if he wanted to make sure people look down up on India by adding some unnecessary things in the story like

•‘Hanuman is a servant god of Rama’ what a nonsensical statement that was! It shows he knows nothing about Ramayana or he doesn’t know the difference between a devotee and a servant.
•And the story of Ram Prasad. I really didn’t know what he was trying to portray there.
Was he trying to say Hindus don’t keep Muslims as servants so that was the reason Ram Prasad went to the extent of disguising himself? That is another absurd thing I have ever heard.

Mr AA had had too much of things going on his mind while writing this book I guess and he wanted to put each and every single point in his first book itself! Things like… How rich people treat their servants in India? How servants deceive their employer “by acting faithful’? and the good old condition of police, politicians, and corruption in India? Not to forget how can you get away with killing? And what not! LOL

I bet he has scared the hell out of Non-Indians! And after reading this I am sure people would have fired their servants especially ‘drivers’ LOL. Any ways if these kinds of books get awards and stuffs I really pity the condition of our writers or readers because I can imagine what people are forced to write now a days (to get award I meant)!