White Oleander

White Oleander - Janet Fitch "The phoenix must burn to emerge."

This book was all about this quote - a phoenix (Astrid) who burns and emerges in the end.
I came across ‘White Oleander’ by few quotes which I loved, which made me curious to read this book to know what was it about. And then fell in love with it!! I would like to point out one by one which made me adore this book .
First which caught my attention was author Janet Finch’s unique style of writing, unique in the sense each sentence which is written is woven like a poem which at times becomes hard to understand but once we get know it seems so beautiful and makes you read again and again.
Secondly, the characterization of Astrid and her mother Ingrid. Which was written in a way.. sometimes I felt as though they both so similar yet at the same time two different personalities all together who had no connection what so ever apart from being mother and daughter. I personally was unable to hate any character in this book may be because the way it was portrayed. I found all were right in their own way and I feel that makes the author style of writing more substantial.
Thirdly, the story which was so intense and gripping and told in the POV of a 14 year old girl Astrid, whose mother is a obstinate, selfish poet who loves herself never bothers or cares for anyone else apart from her and kills her boyfriend in an agony and is sent to jail…but while doing this never once Ingrid bothers to think about her daughter’s future, thus begins Astrid’s lonesome, dark and depressing journey from there, going from one foster care to another continuously. In each foster’s care she faces some hardship, which in turn burns her every time. She also commits some unjustifiable mistakes for her age but I felt this was committed only because she was alone and there was no one to guide her. At the same time the growth and maturity in Astrid’s character from a 14 yr girl to 20 yr women is portrayed brilliantly by Janet Finch. Especially in the last few chapters where Astrid meets her mother and extracts all the untold truth from her which in turn helps Astrid to became more strong and confident, and at last when she finally gathers herself she never forgets to thank all those people who made her what she was now, she even confesses to herself all those (bad& good) times she had been through and (bad& good) people she had met, throughout her journey gave her a lesson to learn which would help her in the future to be more strong.
This book at times reminded me of ‘Salviya Plath’s The Bell Jar’ , It was not an easy book to read but then, I could not even stop reading once I started and I am glad I came across such a beautiful book.