We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin - Lionel Shriver Gem of a book YES!! A 5 star without a doubt YES!! But certainly not a re-readable book (for ME)!! Period!!

This was THE most Distressing, Disquieting yet Intriguing book I have ever read! And definitely was not an easy read nor it was easy to keep it aside once I started, it really perplexed me at times or rather many times. But not a re readable because I have read almost every page of this book enough times already to do it again!

The format used in this book was very unusual yet appropriate I can’t think of any other better way by which this story could have been told or would have made sense to the readers apart from knowing a mother’s POV. The author has done a superb job by holding the suspense till the end. At first it was really hard for me to get a grip; it was like a jigsaw puzzle it took me a while to arrange everything into place!
The perplexity increased every time as I went on reading I cannot say I didn’t connect with Eva I did... the thoughts in her mind was relevant to some extent yes.. however still there was something irrelevant about it too.

First of all Eva never wanted to have a child.. yes.. quite logical coz she was not prepared for it NOT YET but the fact that she ‘had’ after knowing she was not prepared was the most stupidest thing she ever did and the reasons for which she wanted was even more bizarre. Just because she was alone waiting for her husband made her want another person (not to forget) ‘a part of him’ to go through the ache what she was going through was totally absurd reason to have a child. The hatred which grew on her every moment once Kevin was born was again awful. She always.. I mean ALWAYS.. looked Kevin as a competition?? Or a villain who changed her entire life?? Sure becoming a mother does affect a women’s entire life but the part of accepting the changes takes a women into another level that is ‘the motherhood’ which Eva never tried to accept in Kevin’s case though she became more matured when she had her daughter but the perception about Kevin never changed for her. In the end it took a LOT to understand Kevin.

About Kevin ..Was he really different from other kids?? Or was he like this because of Eva?? I never came to know. Although Kevin knew he was not his mother’s favorite but he very well knew he was his dads’.. he could have given more importance to his dads’ feelings rather than punishing his mom for her hatredness towards him… these are only ‘some’ questions which came in to my mind while reading but when finally Eva asks Kevin her deepest question his answers shows that he was after all just a mentally disturbed, impulsive kid at the end.

According to me blame game doesn’t work here. If we really want to blame something then we should begin with what goes inside everyone’s mind/brain/thinking which is anything else but predictable and is indeed a darkest secret in itself irrespective of ones age, either it can bring the darkest demon in you or a beautiful angel!