Daddy-Long-Legs - Jean Webster Aww I simply fell in LOVE with this book!! And this is straightaway going to my ‘MOST FAVORITE’ Shelf without a doubt!! I am so glad that I found such a charming book without overlooking! I kinda love epistolary novels, which was one of the reason I picked up this book. It’s a story of a 17 year old orphan Jerusha or Judy (as she wants to be called!!) who is sent to college for her higher studies by anonymous trusty funding for her education and in return he only expects a letter from her, every now and then about her progress. And for the next four years she writes each and every happenings of her life to this anonymous trusty whom she calls Daddy-long-legs.
It’s quite mesmerizing the way author shows Judy’s character-development and maturity with each letter she writes. I loved everything about Judy. Her honesty, her innocence and her stubbornness! The beauty of her character was that she was very relatable! I never once got bored of her company throughout the book although it was only about her. She was so upright in expressing her feeling when she was angry likewise when she was happy! Oh she is the most adorable character ever!
I would recommend this book to each and every girl. It hardly takes a day to finish this!

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