Stolen: A Letter to My Captor

Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher Stolen had a great plot and nice characters but with lack of characterization and also the format used somehow did not do justice to such a beautiful plot. Writing (or typing) a letter of about 300 odd pages (continuously without break) did not make much sense according to me. That too the writing was so much detached and vague till 3/4th of the book that though I had finished around half of it still I was unaware of who Gemma and Ty really were and what exactly was happening in the desert. Also there were so many parts left unanswered like why Ty took Gemma to desert of all the places, what was the actual reason behind his kidnapping, and why Gemma and not any other girl and also what does all those painting Ty does signifies about this personality?? When these question started coming up constantly with out any answer that’s when I felt that the story was dull and sluggish and was going nowhere.
The only thing which made me give 3 stars and which I liked in this whole story was the ending which made sense, wherein Gemma presents two ways of ending and finally decides on the third one and THAT ending seemed very realistic..though Ty still remains a mystery!