The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald It’s strange, when I first picked up this book few months back I wasn’t even able to complete a chapter, but then one song from the movie adaptation made be take up this again, , (though I am unable to make out the connection between that song and this novel in anyway, all I can say is - both are brilliant!). So, this time when I started the book I could not stop myself from reading, until I finished it. Yes, the story is nothing extraordinary but the vividness in the writing is something one cannot ignore and also the story of Great Gatsby told by someone else (as a narrator of his story) ) was something different, but also seemed quite difficult to grasp in beginning.
Nick was definitely a suitable narrator and a nice character as well, I felt he was the only person who was real in a world of pretence, who had feelings, who could analyze things and had a sense of ethics.
Well, about Gatsby more than he being a bootlegger or he giving glamorous parties, what struck me about him was his enigmatic character. Though he was corrupt to the whole world yet deep down he actually seemed timid even innocent at times, who did everything for his love, the biggest sin he committed, but at least he was a better person than rest of the sophisticated people out there who were fake and wore mask. His undying love for a clinical and a selfish woman like Daisy was depressing to read, though it only showed how innocent he was. Gatsby’s death in the end was a real blow, but truly there couldn’t have been any other better ending for his story. Hmm does he being inscrutable as a character made Gatsby ‘the great' ?? I suppose so!!