The Guardian Angels

The Guardian Angels - Rohit Gore “The Guardian Angels” was truly a beautiful book by Rohit Gore. The story is about two star crossed lovers Adi and Radha, from the days of their childhood-the moment they met, to their teenage years-when they actually start to understand each other, to their adulthood -when they finally come to know what they really are for each other, was an interesting and emotional journey and worth the read for me.
Apart from the story, the format which author has used to show both protagonist POV was very interesting where in one part Adi’s feelings and emotions were described and the another part was Radha’s diary entry. These two parts in each and every chapter unfolds what these characters were going thorough and which also connects the readers to them. Not even at any point of the story I felt it was unrealistic or dragged; whatever was said and written was very relevant to explain each other’s helpless situation and was engrossing too. The ending though was not a happy-ever-after (which I always prefer :P) but it was very a sensible one! On the whole if anyone wants to read a realistic romance with believable characters, they can easily go for it!

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P.S.Received a copy from the author for an honest review.