The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion Well, what happens when a ‘perfectionist’ leads a life in this ‘not-so-perfect-world’ dealing with ‘not-so-perfect-people’ and situations? Yeah, so that is what happened with Don here through out this book. In fact narration from Don’s perspective was the main thing which held my interest though out. Although it was a bit slow in the middle but still I could understand why.
The story goes like this , in search of a life partner Don prepares a questioner for his ‘Wife project’ to find a perfect answer and match for himself, but then enters Rosie the most incompatible partner of all with her ‘Father project’. From then his life turns upside down because rather than he concentrating on his ‘Wife Project’ Don become more and more interested in Rosie’s father project since he is still unable to figure out that why he is more interested in this incompatible Rosie more than any compatible ones out there and thus, begins the ‘Rosie Project’!
Well truly, this was a hilarious and enjoyable read with adorable characters like Don, Rosie and their friends.