Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle - Ken Follett Initially when I first started with this book I thought it would be a difficult read for me but to my surprise it was not, the reason being authors style of writing. The way he has developed the story giving all the essential details at the right time with emotional touch made me relate to the character and understand their background evidently because each character whether big or small were given equal importance. May be that was why the first half I found a bit slow..but it helped me understand the character quite clearly. But once I finished the first half and started with the second there was no looking back, as the story progressed so fast and it became so engrossing that I was unable to put it down till I finished it!

The story was great and the ending was amazing although I kept speculating about who would survive whether Lucy or Faber! Oh I just loved Lucy Rose ‘all stars for her’ for the courageous step she took at every part of the story which was commendable and I also sympathized with her so many times but still I could not hate David for his coldness towards her. Its like each character whether good or bad the readers would definelty sympathize with them at least at one point of time not to forget Faber!! Well... all i can say is.. it was a wonderful read!!