That Long Silence

That Long Silence - Shashi Deshpande When it comes to beautiful writing, story takes a backseat for me and that is what happened with ‘That Long Silence by Shashi Deshpande’ .Her writing is something deep and exceptionally classy. It’s never too hard to connect to her protagonist that mainly deals with women and her emotional journey.
This book is no different. But this has neither any particular story nor any characters but for Jaya the protagonist who is struck between her wish and her duty,(her wish of becoming a free spirited writer with no restrictions from her society and her duty which is taking care of her husband and two children and also restricting her writing keeping the society in mind) who finally breaks her long silence and pours her heart out about what she was and what she had eventually become and what she should be in the future. She unlocks all her emotional turmoil and her guilty conscious layer by layer in her writing. Initially understanding Jaya takes time, as the writing is just like scattered thoughts which flows in our mind which connects to some unrelated situations and persons but the puzzles solves eventually. This is a book which makes you think about who you really are (whether you like it or not).

P.S.- Thank god I don’t have any prejudice against Indian writers, which has led me to discover some remarkable authors like Shashi Deshpande and RK Narayan and many more!

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