The Sense of an Ending

The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes This book was weird in every sense! The characters were shallow including Tony himself, who was the narrator and the story was strange or may be tricky? While author here tells us the story from Tony’s POV the actual main character turns out be someone else although the readers will be still thinking this story is all about Tony. Perhaps I took up this book at a wrong time when my mind was not ready for it or this book was not for me because the philosophical thoughts quoted by Tony, went over my head most of the times. His narration was difficult to understand at times. And the ending was something unpredictable, which I had to read twice or thrice to understand it better. On the whole, the thing I liked about this story was - how creepy past can be in the future when one doesn't mean what one says in juvenile while that haunts in the future for years.