Not Quite a Husband

Not Quite a Husband - Sherry Thomas This is my second book by this author after Private Arrangements and I think Sherry Thomas’s historical novels are quite different from others, because the theme lies in between historical and contemporary. Like here in this story, the heroin is a doctor who moved around the world without giving any information to her respective family and the hero was a scholar who went in search of her, this was again something unusual to imagine at that era but who cares I loved the story anyway! The story revolves around reserved Bryony and handsome Leo. Though Leo is around four years younger to Bryony his love for her was something which started in 'his and her' childhood which again is something different, yet so cute. But Bryony is quite unaware of this even after they marry each other which was actually proposed by her! When their marriage turns sore because of their lack of communication it takes a lot of years and adventures to eventually know what they are for each other in the end. I felt the story was quite at its end at 3/4th of the book and the rest of the story was predictable and was dragged a bit, but still the writing was great which never bored me actually!