On the Island

On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves 4.5

They say..“When it comes to love, age is just a number” Well, YES I agree to that completely now, now that I have read this book.
Seeing the blurb I really had decided not to read this book ever because I kept wondering how can there be a “pure love story” between a 17 year old boy and a 30 year old women on an Island? This question came in to my mind again and again but then there were so many great reviews and ratings that it made me curious to take up this book and finally I did. And good I did. Otherwise I actually would have missed a beautiful tale of love.

To start with, the story was simple but the situations created were something different. Since, love between the main characters was not something sudden or not happened just because they were alone in an island. It happened because of the day to day situations that was created between them, because of the loneliness they faced. I loved the way author here justifies every single act of both the characters as if it could have happened in reality. First of all T.J. falling for 13 years his senior Anna was unusual in every sense but T.J. was not a typical teenager, he was more matured than his age group, then the question arises how? again immediately there is an answer because he had gone through a lot in his life, fighting for his life from cancer is definelty not something which happens to everyone and being alone in an island for 3.5 years with no help what so ever one does become mature as person, this is where author justifies his situation of he falling for Anna. On the other hand, Anna sensing the age difference between herself and T.J. does avoid getting into any kind of trouble with him but the situation becomes quite impossible for her to not to fall in love. Which is something one can only understand if one reads this book.

On the whole I would just like to say –‘hats off’ to author Tracy Garvis-Graves who has done such a fantastic job of handling such a sensitive love-story between these two (unusual) main characters in a sensible and matured way, wherein not even once reader would face any kind of awkwardness while reading this book.