The House of Mirth

The House of Mirth - Edith Wharton, Nina Bawden This was a rather depressing novel than I thought it would be. The story is extremely melancholic from the beginning till the very end. Though the story here moves at a snail's pace but it is compensated by beautiful writing!
Lily Bart the protagonist is one of the most complicated character I have ever came across. Though her life could have been quite simpler and easy considering the man she loved was also in love with her, however all she wanted from life was something else than just love. Born and bought up as a upper class by her mother with her high society double standards teachings, Lily’s main aim in life was just to end up marrying a rich man because she thought she could survive without love but not without money. However after her parents sudden death her life was followed by a series of misfortune, one of them was lack of money by her side. Now all Lily wanted was a rich man to full fill her aim who could match her current lifestyle but she never really finds any rich fellow she meets likable, they all just tried to take advantage of her situation but the man she finally ends up liking was not rich at all. Her internal struggle in judging what is good for her and what is not “money + high society lifestyle or love + poverty?” was the main theme of this story. Which ended up in the most disastrous way.