Life of Pi

Life of Pi - Yann Martel 3.5

I took up this book only because the movie i had watched earlier! I was so much captivated by the concept specially the surviving part of Pi with a tiger and the end, that it really made me curious to know every little thing in detail. But it took almost a year for me to finally pick up this book, If the question is WHY I took such a long time to decide before reading, was because of the drastic variation in the reviews and ratings. Wherein some people almost hated the book because of the detailed description and some loved it.

So before starting I had made up my mind to have patience with it, that was the main reason I did not feel like stopping at any point of the time. And now after having read the book and watched the movie I am in dilemma, though I liked both equally still I am unable to give it more than 3.5 stars for both. It started of well, with all the religious and philosophical preaching which I loved immensely but as it went on I found the narration bit shallow, sometimes it was like reading a science text book rather than Pi’s struggle. I didn’t find any emotional touch or agony in the narrators voice, the depth was missing for me some how, but that was what I was looking forward to and that was the main reason I picked up this book for!

Ok now that I have read the book I have issues the movie also :P of course it was done exceptionally well, visual effects and everything but the twist in the tale i.e Pi’s romantic interest was not at all convincing , really that was not at all necessary to grab the audience! Wasn’t the massive Bengal tiger enough? I really hate it when a book is made into a movie adding unnecessary stories which is not even there in the book not even a bit! My favorite part was the ending where Pi gives his own interpretation of his survival in a different way to convince people, really that was something interesting! On the whole I must say Yann Martel should be given all his credit for such an amazing concept which really makes you think!