Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables  - L.M. Montgomery Let me make it clear that this review contains lots and lots of admiration for this book, Anne and nothing else!
So “Why it took me so long to read such beautiful book?” <- This was the only question which I kept on asking myself more than 100 times while reading! Anyway it is better late than never! <br/>Coming to the book, I have to say that this book was like a splendid journey with Anne, from the very beginning till the end. I enjoyed it immensely! I didn’t mind her talking too much one bit, not even for a second I got bored of her company. This story made me laugh, cry and learn at the same time. It made me remember my childhood days too, although it was not half adventurous as it was of Anne’s. I got so much involved with the story and each characters that I constantly kept thinking about them even when I was not reading!! They were so real and likable in their own way. Anne’s guardian Matthew and Marilla were truly sweet people who turned Anne’s dull and lonely life into bright and colorful. Marilla was one of the other character whom I admire apart from Anne. She was so strong emotionally which is the hardest thing, though strict at times she knew when to be lenient as well. Matthew was another lovable soul who was such a timid and compassionate person. And Anne the ‘imagination queen’ what can I say about her, she was just stupendous! I never wanted this book to end, I can only thank god that this is just the first book in the series and I still have seven more books to go on (with Anne that is). In the end all I can say is, you really should have some innocence and imagination left in you to like a book like this, otherwise you’ll probably end up thinking its overrated!

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