The Edible Woman

The Edible Woman - Margaret Atwood 3.5

“WEIRD” would be the right word to describe this book, I guess!In fact, I neither could hate this book nor I could love it because of its unusual storyline and characters. It’s strange, though Marian McAlpin the protagonist seems eccentric and some of her acts/thoughts were quite insane and out-of-the-way yet she was also relatable at time!!
Basically, the story revolves around a woman who is insecure, has lack of clarity and is unable to analyze the importance of freedom in her life. And Marian was suffering from all of these which eventually led to some bizarre things. For example, soon after she gets engaged to Peter, there starts her eating disorder! Why, because she was unable to recognize that Peter was overpowering her and she loved freedom and this effected psychologically on her eating. Which appears rather weird, like I said before.
But truly, Margaret Atwood’s story is very imaginary, like an afternoon-nap-dream which is hard to make out and leaves you dizzy!! Her way of story telling is quite different as well. For instance, here the first part of the story starts with Marian as the narrator. But the second part is continued in third person narrative and yet again part three is narrated by Marian herself!?! This seemed a bit odd, as I could not understand why it was presented that way till the very end. Actually, to show Marian was losing her personality in the second part Atwood used third person narrative which indeed classified each section beautifully.
Now that I have found Atwood’s writing very intriguing. I will definelty look forward to read her other books as well.