Wallbanger - Alice Clayton First of all this book is not even worth rating 1 star though I am rating it because unfortunately there is no zero star rating in GR!
So, why did I ever start a book named Wallbanger? Only because this stupid book was one of the nominee in the “best humor” category in GR choice awards for this year shocking but true because, if someone thinks swearing and cursing every now and then makes a book 'cool' and 'humorous' then 'yes' this book was humorous, but not for me because I got more and more frustrated while reading. On top of it the whole story was a big damn stupid and stereotypical and nothing else, which also had some irritating main and side characters. Oh yeah not to forget the language and writing which was equally horrible as was the story and all the characters !Somehow I am sure I'll never go for this author ever again!
Finally with very great difficulty I could only finish about 35% of this book and then I just could not go on with it, it felt totally awkward. But yeah, this book made me realized that if some books are not for you then you just have to leave it mid way at least to save some precious time of yours!!! Hence, this goes to my utter-nonsense and un-finished shelves forever and ever!