Mahabharata - C. Rajagopalachari Mahabharata is such a great epic that I can never get bored off no matter how many times I read or watch it, there is always something new to learn from this epic so reading this was obviously an awesome experience. I think it’s a must read and re-read for every age and ever generation. I am not even sure if I could write a review on this great epic ever, but here I am just making an attempt to put in my views on this ‘particular book’.
Covering Mahabharat in about 400 pages is really difficult but still I would like to say Shri C. Rajagopalachari has done total justice to it. It covers almost every important part of the story though condensed yet its done neatly, however there are one or two parts which has been skipped as well. In my opinion I felt this book was more like an outline of what really happened in the epic, but still I would say it was worth reading, there were some inputs from author himself too. But if any one is looking for a deep read about a particular situation or looking for any character analysis of a particular character then certainly this would not be the book for them.

Quotes from the book:

"Life in the world is uncertain and wars are incessant."

"It is by their own actions, good or bad, that men are happy or miserable. The virtues or vices of others will not affect us in the least."

“The wounds inflicted by weapons may close in time; scalds may heal gradually; but wounds inflicted by words remain painful as long as one lives.”

"Ambition is the noblest virtue of a king. What is the good of being strong if one does not know his own strength?"

“however well meant or wise, without divine aid. Our best wisdom is vain against fate, and if destiny is kind, our very follies turn to our advantage”

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