Major Barbara

Major Barbara - George Bernard Shaw I feel rather dumb after reading this book. As I am still unable to understand what Shaw really wanted to tell or whatever little bit I have understood was that he wanted to tell?? Or was there something more?? As much as I liked his writing some how it was very hard to relate or agree with Shaw’s principles or preaching right away. When he says ‘playing the thief or murderer is better rather than the pauper or slave’ or something like that if my understanding is right there he wanted tell us that salvation of ones soul can only be attained if poverty and hunger is eliminated from this world ‘by hook or crook’ I.e without seeing what is moral or immoral. That is where it becomes hard to accept. At one point he formulates a connection between poverty and crime as if they go hand in hand and at another he declares poverty itself as crime and being rich is the only way one can attain salvation. Well, the perplexity just increases more and more towards the end. There are some harsh/bitter truth coiled inside this play which one knows but still can’t accept, I think this play was all about those truths.