The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike)

The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith The reason I started this book was because I really loved J.K. Rowling pervious book [b:The Casual Vacancy|13497818|The Casual Vacancy|J.K. Rowling||19926990] and not because it was some kind of a mystery novel.Well,that did good for me, as I could give this book more time and attention which I had given to TCV.
The story begins with a murder/suicide of a famous model Lulu and the mystery behind it and then we are introduced to the remarkable characters - Cormoran Strike and his (temporary) secretary Robin and their unusual circumstances which bring them together to solve this mystery. The awkward communication which Robin and Cormoran share while solving the mystery was wonderfully shown and as the story moves on it turns out more like a character based story rather than whodunit. At times I almost forgot the mystery part of the book and concentrated more and more on each characters portrayed and their background. In the end when Cormoran unveils the mystery and the killer behind the murder, I was really in for a shock because that was the last person I suspected!! All in all, in the end I liked everything about this book , the writing style, the characters and the mystery!