To Catch an Heiress

To Catch an Heiress  - Julia Quinn 3.5

This was quick-easy-breezy read. First thing is I really love and enjoy JQ’s writing, specially the heroin character she creates always have some uniqueness in them with certain funny quality which makes the story (though predictable at times yet) more interesting and humorous.
Caroline the protagonist is also one such character in this book and her unique quality is that she is very found of difficult words so she jots down those words in her own dictionary and uses them in her own sentences which is the wittiest part of all. Though the story was bit predictable but the characters were very likable with their witty and sarcastic dialogue which was enjoyable and I really had a good time reading this.
I had read the sequel of this book two or three years back but had not liked it much as I remember but ‘To catch an heiress’ was really good compared to that or may be JQ’s overdoes had made not like that book that time!?! Not sure.