The Husband's Secret

The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty It was a pleasure reading this book not because it had a great story or mystery attached to it.. in fact I cracked the suspense way before it was unveiled. But what makes it a delightful read is the pace of the story and the way it has been written.

The story involves three different families

Cecilia, considerers herself as a perfect wife and a mother. She believes she has a perfect family till she discovers a secret letter written by her husband and is devastated after reading it.…

Tess, too thinks her life is perfect until she comes to know; her husband is now in love with her favorite cousin sister...

Rachel, mourns her daughter’s death every single day even after 28 years..

What happens when these three families, who are almost unknown to each other are entangled in one single crisis and how in the end they are affected by it, is what the story is all about.

I just loved authors Liane Moriarty’s writing she has done an exceptional job in weaving these three different stories in one single book.
Every single character is well defined. Each one of them just came alive, it may be their feeling towards each other or the guilty conscious they hold on to, it was all so natural and easy to relate to.
All in all I really enjoyed reading this book and am very much looking forward to read Liane Moriarty’s other books!