The Blue Castle

The Blue Castle - L.M. Montgomery Sometimes you stumble upon a book not so famous, not so well-known, but that turns out to be an absolute gem. Well ‘The Blue castle’ was one such book for me. I just picked this book not expecting much but it ended up being one of my most favorite book, which I am going to re-read in future for sure.
The story is about Valancy who is old enough to get married but hasn’t found her right match nor is any hopeful about it , she also acts timid and soft-spoken to those annoying relatives of hers even though she dislikes each of them to the core and is also sick of leading an obsolete, monotonous life.
BUT one fine day when she all of a sudden discovers that she is suffering from a disease and would not survive for more than a year all Valancy decides to do is- turn her life upside down and lead it to the fullest. She does succeed in that by becoming the most rebelliously-outspoken-person-ever among her boring family circle who were astonished see her “good-girl-gone-bad” image and what follows after that was just absolutely amusing. This story has life in it as it deals with – fear, happiness, sadness, sarcasm, excitement and so on. I cant merely explain through words how delightful read this was and how much I enjoyed reading it.