One Part Woman

One Part Woman - Perumal Murugan, Aniruddhan Vasudevan What a heartbreaking novel this was! The poignant tone of this book somewhere, somehow touched my soul and yet again this book reminded me 'why I love reading books' to this extent.

Though Kali and Ponna were a perfect couple in every sense yet they had to undergo unbearable tourture everyday just because they were childless even after 12 years of marriage. And this started overpowering a beautiful relationship they shared.

What does one achieve if one has a child? Moksha? or a permanent place in heaven? Is anybody sure of that? Nope Nobody. Yet if a couple is childless they are tourtured to an extent that they want to run away from this so called ‘Modern society’. May be not having child in this era does not sound as big issue, as in those days and definitely not in that background where Kali and Ponna came from. They had to bear what not! Pity, pity some more pity from all, also Advices, advices some more advices... from parents, in-laws and also from those useless people who will be least affected if they ever have child or if they remain childless. It is this day to day trauma, Ponna couldn’t bear which made her take a drastic step that in-turn ruined Kail and Ponna’s relationship forever!

Do i have sympathy towards Ponna for taking such a drastic step? Yes and No both! Yes, because somewhere society played a vital role in making her take that decision. NO, because Kali did not approve of it because his love for her was more than enough for both of them to keep going as a childless couple rather than following a blind belief , where he would lose a part of Ponna forever. Actually my sympathy was more with Kail than Ponna. I didn’t think it was necessary for Ponna to take such a step when your 'love' is not in favour of it.

Contrary to the villagers author also created an interesting character called Uncle Nallupayyan (may be to convey authors point of view) who always stood by Kali and was banished from village several times because of his modern thinking which did not sit well with the villagers blind belief. He was another memorable character apart form Kail and Ponna.

Although i was praying for a different ending yet it didn’t end as i wanted it to. which made me keep pondering about this book for some days after finishing it. All in all i loved the story and the narration it was simple and beautiful.