Pyre - Perumal Murugan When i first read Perumal Murugan’s ’One part women’ i knew i had found another marvellous Indian author. So as soon as i knew his second book Pyre was translated i grabbed a copy immediately.

I am not sure what my feelings are for this book right now. I feel as though i am flooded with so many emotions - sadness, frustration, helplessness and what not. I felt as if everything was happening in front of my eyes but i was unable to help anybody. Thats the beauty of good books right, which tells you the story of people and their miserable situations just so we know how they suffer without any mistake of theirs'.
Saroja a simple girl from uptown elopes and marries Kumaresan and goes to his village hoping for a better life hardly knowing the harsh, ruthless reality which she was entering into. Saroja’s struggle was heart-wrenching though she chose the right person to lead her life with yet fate was not by her side.

I loved the way how realistically the author has handled two different female character here, Saroja and Marayi (Kumaresan’s mother) both were totally opposite to each other yet at one point we tend to pity both the characters. Before i reached the ending i had to stop reading it for a while and pull myself back as i was not ready to accept the tragic ending which i was about to witness, thats how deep this book was for me. I am sure this story is going to stay with me for a while now.