Covet - Tracey Garvis Graves I cannot say Tracey Gravis-Graves’s ‘Covet’ was as cherished read as ‘On the Island’. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a really great read or I should say it developed into a better one as the story progressed because I was actually getting annoyed with the pace of the book and had almost given up on this but still somehow went on with it just because it was written by Tracey and I surly should thank myself for not giving it up on it as it turned out to be a really good read.

About the book, yet again author has taken a very sensitive subject for ‘Covet’ as well. The story is about three people Claire, Chris and Daniel.

Claire and Chris are happily married with two kids but as soon as Chris losses his job and is unable to provide all the luxuries which he used to before, he starts feeling inferior thinking he is not taking care of his family as he should but Claire doesn’t mind nor she thinks that way. In fact she supports him in every possible way. Soon Chris gets a new job where travelling is the main criteria , not thinking once what his family would go through when he is not round for them all the time, he agrees to that just to come out of his complexities without even realizing what he is losing in turn – Claire!

Though suffering from a constant illness Claire is now all alone managing every little thing on her own- kids, her job, household chores . But the one thing she is unable to manage is her loneliness.

Enters, Daniel- a police officer who is besotted by Claire at first sight as she was almost a lookalike of his ex-wife whom he was madly in love with. Soon Claire and Daniel get along very well without even realizing neither they can give a name to their relationship nor it has any future to it.

The author has created a situation where in it’s hard to point out whose mistake it is. Is it Chris who never bothers about his family before taking decisions? Or Claire who was unable to cope up with the given situation? Or is it Daniel who is after Claire knowing she is another man’s wife? This is where I appreciate author who has woven such a nice story with helpless characters for whom we feel nothing but pity. Also, I must say the ending was just perfect for a theme like this!

Overall it turned out to be a beautiful read in the end.