Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty It actually takes bit of a time to get into this book, it did for me anyway. Until then I kept asking myself what the hell am I reading and why? And who are these people popping up every now and then with their blah blahs. But once I got into the story, there was absolutely no looking back, I was glued to it till I finished.

There is SO much happening in this book like social issues, issues on parenting, working mom Vs stay home mom, domestic abuse and what not, that it’s hard to write in few lines what the story is all about. But I loved the way Author Liane Moriarty has captured this whole thing in just one story and her way of revealing thing is just amazing and the best thing about this book is you will neither know who the murderer is nor who was murdered, till the end. Well that’s something tricky!

Few Characters whom I loved and admired are Jane and her 5 year old son Ziggy I kept praying for them till the end, also to some extent Madline though she was too loud at times but I could understand why and poor Celeste. As my understanding goes I think the bottom line of this book is you are going to pay for your actions No matter what/ No matter How!