It's All in the Planets

It's All in the Planets - Preeti Shenoy The only good part about this book was that I could finish it soon that is all. I think I am done with Preethi-Shenoy-books. Although I have one of her unread book lying on my shelf but I think I'll skip it because she has nothing new to say.
As usual, like all in her other books even here, the characters seemed confused and fickle minded. They are not sure why they are in love with a person or even having any relationship with them especially the main protagonist Nidhi. It seems the author is in love with this character and it shows in her writing because she justifies Nidhi's action everytime as if Nidhi can do nothing wrong which I felt unnecessary provided if the author believes in the character. Also, the story was shallow but above all the writing was over the top flowery. I really didn't get why there was a mention of which brand of drink each character was having that too every time and there was a lot of brand advertisement done here maybe, to show how rich the characters were but I felt it was rather annoying to read. Also, I could not fathom any link between the title and the story whatsoever!