Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons - Claire Fuller Go for this book only if You have patience. LOTS and lots of it.
If only I knew this before I sure wouldn't have attempted it. There was absolutely nothing about this book to like. The story was gloomy, okay that's fine but even though there were chances of making it better the author chose not to.
Same goes with characters. There was no growth at all. They were stagnant, repeatedly doing the same mistake again and again this is were you need patience to go on with the book. There was not even a single character to whom I felt connected to. Initially, what attracted me towards this book was the title and then the cover. I must say even the blurb looked interesting to me but that's where it ends.
Yes, the language is good but it is not as good as one could forget the plot or the characterization. Anyway, I ended up reading the whole book as I hoped the main protagonist Ingrid would somehow figure things out in the end but that didn't happen and that's when I knew I had wasted my time. The book had nothing good to say at all, all I could make out was if your life is in a mess just stay in that mess forever but if you cannot do that just go to the beach and drown yourself even though you are a good swimmer, and your problem is solved. Well, that's not the way out, is it?