Alias Grace

Alias Grace - Margaret Atwood It was a bit hard for me to rate this book. As I have mixed feelings about it. Some parts I loved, but some I didn’t. It was depressing and dragging at times. Even the narration was quite strange. Which jumps from third person to first and in between there are letters which continues the story which was difficult to comprehend initially. But once everything made sense it became interesting.
The way Atwood has presented, what goes inside each character’s mind and how deceitfully it works sometimes - wow that was just amazing to read. The whole story of Grace and growth of her character is shown wonderfully. At first I hated her but when she reveals her part of the story, what hardships she faced throughout her life, I ended up liking her. The suffering she goes through inside the prison and the way she was being treated by lawyers, Jailers and other people around her, sometimes made me think, what if an innocent person is put behind bars? How would he/she feel about that? How dreadfully traumatic it would be for them to live there, having done No sin.
Was Grace innocent or not? Is left to us readers to decide. It’s very hard to say whether she was really guilty or not even the ending does not give us any conclusion on that but I do like to believe that she was innocent. I felt pity for her and I also loved the strength in her which kept her going till the end. Most of all I loved the ending!!
If it were just a fiction I would have loved this book even more, but the story’s connection with a real incident had somewhat put me off as I kept thinking which part of the story was true and which was not, while reading and it bothered me a bit. Other than that I really like this book.